Unlimited hydroplanes are the fastest, most spectacular racing category in APBA. If you’re a fan of motorsports and want to experience for yourself the best in power boat racing, then plan a trip to the next unlimited race. These are the world’s fastest racing boats; capable of speeds over 200 MPH and throwing roostertails behind them as high as 300 feet. Powered by the same turbine engines that once powered our military’s Chinook helicopters and running on Jet-A fuel, Unlimited engines are capable of pumping out 3,000 horsepower.

Unlimiteds have raced for over 100 years, evolving from giant wooden hulls belching smoke to today’s sleek beauties, which are commonly composed out of aluminum, carbon fiber, fiberglass, and graphite composites. Because of the incredible speeds, safety is paramount in the unlimited category. These boats require extra protection for the driver: an air system, windows cut from the same jet-tough as F-16’s, an escape hatch built in the floor of the cockpit, and extra impact protection all around. More than most categories, racing Unlimiteds requires teamwork. The talented driver is the star, of course. However, it takes a dedicated owner, skilled crew chief and an entourage of engine/hull/transport specialists to make a champion. This is the ultimate in powerboat racing, and it’s a worldwide phenomenon. The H1 Unlimited Air National Guard Series puts a dozen of these powerful boats on the water at events from Madison, Indiana to Doha, Qatar.

Unlimited Classes