University of Southern Indiana Excels at Solar Splash College Powerboat Race

Student Team Shows Dedication, Learning, and Success in Springfield, Ohio

June 10, 2023

Springfield, Ohio – The University of Southern Indiana made waves at the recent Solar Splash College Powerboat Race held at Champions Park Lake. The team, consisting of freshmen to seniors Kyle Echert, Jacob Mills, Zoe Tucker, Alex Brown, Mariah Fulton, and Landon Gate showcased their dedication, enthusiasm, and determination, earning them a commendable 3rd place finish. Their remarkable performance served as a testament to their hard work and desire for success.

The USI’s past teams’ results were often disappointing. Last year they were unable to complete all the competitions and even required a tow in. With in essence a rookie team, the 2023 USI team took the mistakes of previous years as inspiration and focused on turning their program around.

When asked about their experience, the team members couldn’t hide their excitement and laughter. They reflected on the countless hours invested in their custom wooden boat, sharing stories of “lots of time” spent on wet sanding and refining their design. Despite the challenges, their passion for the project was evident.

Drawing inspiration from extensive research on YouTube, the team focused on achieving maximum speed rather than emphasizing endurance. This strategic decision allowed them to stand out among their competitors and delivered notable results. However, they acknowledged that there were lessons to be learned for future races.

In an interview, the team expressed their eagerness to improve and build upon their success. They highlighted the importance of finding balance and optimizing their boat’s drivetrain, recognizing these areas as key components for future advancements. Moreover, they expressed a strong desire for more testing and access to experienced boat racing experts, acknowledging the valuable insights such individuals could provide.

This project proved to be a transformative experience for the team members. They asserted that they had learned more during their time working on the powerboat than in two years of traditional classroom education. The hands-on nature of the project, coupled with the challenges they faced, allowed them to develop skills, knowledge, and camaraderie that they believe will serve them well in their future endeavors.

Looking ahead, the University of Southern Indiana team aims to expand their ranks, seeking out passionate individuals eager to contribute their skills and ideas. With a renewed sense of enthusiasm, the team is already gearing up for next year’s competition, eagerly awaiting the opportunity to put their newfound knowledge into practice.

The University of Southern Indiana’s success story at the Solar Splash College Powerboat Race stands as a shining example of dedication, learning, and triumph. With their unwavering determination and a drive for continuous improvement, this team is set to make even bigger waves in the years to come. They are part of the “WE” in “We Are Boat Racing”


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